PGO Tigra H2 Rear Shock

PGO Tigra H2 Rear Shock

  • USD $94900

  • Monotube Oil & Gas Separator Design

Monotube Oil & Gas separator design enhances heat dissipation. The design will prevent oil from foaming and maintain the performance.

  • Active Valve Piston

 Wide range Valve Piston(W.R.V.P.): Anti-over loading double loop piston offers two-way pressure relief function for extra comfort even on toughest road.

  • 2-Way damping Adjustment:

Both compressor and rebound adjustment can be set individually on our two ways damper set.

  • Preload Adjustment

Preload spring setting can be adjusted according to user needs.

  • External Reservior System

External reservoir effectively provide additional oil and air to stable the temperature.

  • Rebound Adjustment

Standard 10 Clicks for Compression and 15 Clicks for Rebound adjustability according to user needs.

  • Adjustable Height

Height Adjuster Rod equipped with 5mm range allowance; provides more precise tuned for the rider's ride height.

  • Warranty
Damping shock are covered by Warranty for 12 months.(Taiwan Only, United States [TBA])

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