Policy / Warranty / Disclaimer

DISCLAIMER:  All Gears Racing products are designed for "OFF-ROAD” use only"—Please check your resident local vehicle code and regulations regarding any modification to your vehicle. Buyer assumes all responsibility for violations of local laws and regulations that may result from use of products. Many areas have strict regulations on modification laws and emission regulations, check and research before purchase. 


Disclaimer of Liability & Limited Warranty:

All Products intended for OFF-ROAD use only. All Items are sold on as either limited 1 yr or limited lifetime warranty depending on item categories.  Gears Racing does not make any warranty, expressed or implied, or other representation about the use of any of its products under specific applications. Gears Racing products are expressly sold for custom car-building, racing and off-road use and are not intended to be use in conventional passenger or other legal highway applications.


End User expressly assumes liabilities and responsibilities in all mechanical, labor or any related hereafter damages caused by the defective item. Therefore, End purchasers expressly assumes the risk of all personal, property and economic injury, damage or loss, either direct or indirect, arising from the use, misuse, or failure to determine the appropriate use of any Gears Racing product.  End users are responsible for all associated shipping charges incurred to ship the  warranty products back to us. If the issue indeed Gears Racing Quality issue, Return shipping will be paid for by Gears Racing to ship back to end user. If it is an installation or misuse by end user, all charge will be customer’s own responsibilities


Please keep all proof of purchase & recipes for all warranty and replacement purpose. For warranty, our warranty department must approve all warranty claims.  It is a requirement that a purchaser provide Proof of Purchase, installation photo and return purchased item for approval inspection. After first warranty granted and accepted, new replacement part will contain a 6-month limited warranty. Hereafter, if purchaser requires additional replacement or warranty claim for the first replacement, the second replacement will no longer carry a warranty. 


Any alter and modification on Gears Racing products without approval or imitation physical damage will void your warranty.


Purchaser shall be responsible for any incurred shipping charges to ship the item back to Gears Racing. If you have any concerns or questions or the need to claim product warranty, please contact us at